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Summer has finally arrived and with it, the desire to refresh our interiors to create bright, airy spaces. We believe that each season is an opportunity to reinvent your decoration and bring new energy to your home.

Here are some inspiring ideas to transform your interior into a welcoming and stylish summer haven.

1. Light and natural color palette

Summer is synonymous with light and clarity.

Opt for light, natural colors like off-white, beige, light gray and pastel shades. These colors reflect light and visually expand the space.

To add a touch of freshness, incorporate accents of sky blue, mint green or lemon yellow.

2. Natural Materials and Light Textures

Natural materials bring a feeling of serenity and comfort. Rattan, bamboo, and linen are perfect for a summer look. Use wicker baskets to store your belongings, jute rugs for an earthy touch, and linen curtains for a light feel.

3. Overhead Lights

Light is essential to create a summer atmosphere. Replace your heavy fixtures with lighter, airier options. Rattan pendant lights, rice paper lamps or fairy lights can bring soft brightness and casual charm to your rooms.

4. Green plants and fresh flowers

Plants and flowers are essential elements for summer decoration. Green plants, like ferns or succulents, add a layer of nature and purify the air.

For an even fresher effect, place bouquets of fresh flowers in glass or ceramic vases.

5. Light textiles and tropical patterns

Swap your heavy winter textiles for lighter alternatives. Cotton cushion covers, linen blankets, and percale sheets are perfect for the season. For a touch of exoticism, choose tropical patterns.

6. Modular and versatile furniture

Summer is also the time for receptions and evenings with friends. Choose modular and versatile furniture to easily adapt your space to your needs. Modular sofas, ottomans and coffee tables on casters are practical and aesthetic options.

Disruption Sofa

7. Integrated outdoor spaces

If you are lucky enough to have a balcony, terrace or garden, integrate these spaces into your interior design.

Use comfortable outdoor furniture, lanterns, and outdoor rugs to create continuity between indoors and outdoors.


By adopting these summer inspirations, you can transform your interior into a fresh, bright and welcoming space.

Whether you choose to rearrange your furniture, add new plants, or simply change your textiles, every little change will help create the perfect summer atmosphere.

At Novinea, we are here to support you in this transformation with our range of elegant and innovative products. Don’t hesitate to explore our site to discover ideas and articles that will enhance your interior this summer.

For personalized advice or to learn more about our offerings, contact us today. Together, let's create the interior of your dreams!


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