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How to use colors and textures from the 70s to create a warm and contemporary interior?

Discover the trending colors of the 70s: earthy, muted tones combined with bold accents of orange, yellow and green, as well as corduroy textures, geometric shapes and mosaics for a playful and energetic style. How to incorporate this nostalgic trend into your contemporary interior? Follow our advice here.

Light or dark wood models for an elegant and warm interior

Dark wood can bring depth and elegance to your interior, while creating a connection between indoors and outdoors. Wood paneling was a popular trend in the 70s and pairs perfectly with a rich, natural color palette. To incorporate this style into your home, combine wooden floors or walls with soothing shades of gray, white and touches of black. Add designer furniture to create the perfect balance, such as a stylish corner sofa with chaise longue with slim legs and in pale tones to catch the eye.

Rich color palettes for a touch of sophistication and personality

Add a touch of glamor with gold elements such as mirrors and vintage cushions. Add a bold pop of bright color, like green, blue or mustard, to enhance a minimalist, neutral style. For a warm interior, mix warm shades of orange, yellow and brown. If you prefer a softer, more feminine style, add an old pink chair or sofa. The most important thing is to create a color palette that reflects your unique personality.

Seductive textures for an elegant and warm interior

Opt for a corduroy sofa in a rich color like yellow, green or brown to catch the eye. Highlight a classic black leather armchair by pairing it with white walls and dark wood accents. Play with textures by layering patterned corduroy cushions in various colors, and add a shag rug for cozy comfort. Vibrant mosaics are also characteristic of this era, so accessorize your interior with vases, photo frames, tiles or rugs displaying geometric shapes and bright colors. For houseplants, giant palm fronds and ferns will perfectly complement the 70s style.


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