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Novinea Inside

At Anaïs and Stanislas

Location: Drôme Provençale, Photographs: novelis_renovation

Passion, Effort, Inspiration

Today we have the pleasure of meeting Anaïs and Stanislas, a dynamic couple of 33 years old, who decided to embark on a daring adventure in February 2022. Originally from Drôme Provençale, and more precisely from Stanislas's native village, they became the happy owners of a barn and a farmhouse which they undertook to renovate.

Currently installed in the barn which they have transformed into a warm home, Anaïs and Stanislas are not stopping there. Their next challenge: completely renovate a 200 m² farmhouse located on the same property. This colossal project involves starting from scratch the old stables on the ground floor, restoring the roof and refinishing all the floors.

With a clear vision of the future of their property, the couple invests all their free time, in addition to their professional obligations, in planning every detail and finding the optimal solutions for each stage of the renovation. By sharing their adventure on social networks, Anaïs and Stanislas hope to inspire other people to embark on similar projects, demonstrating that passion, effort and inspiration can make the most ambitious dreams possible.

Anaïs and Stanislas, can you introduce yourself?

Anaïs and Stanislas : We are Anaïs and Stanislas, we are both 33 years old, and we are parents of little Alexie who is one year old.

In February 2022, we became the owners of a barn and a farmhouse in Drôme Provençale, in the village where Stan grew up. Today, we live in the barn, and we are going to start renovating the 200m2 farmhouse which is located on the same land, and which will be our future home.

Just like the barn, we are starting from almost zero: there are still old stables on the ground floor, and the roof as well as all the floors have to be redone in their entirety.

How do you define your interior style, your inspirations?

Anaïs : For my part, I really like Japandi decoration, because it is a refined style with neutral colors. It's also a style that is quite timeless, and we always try not to be too influenced by fashions and trends so as not to get tired of our choices. But if there's one thing we both agree on, it's our passion for ancient materials.

Stanislas : I wouldn't know how to concretely define an interior style because my inspirations range from brutalism to minimalist modern through very rustic things. The main thing is to create a space in which you feel good, and for my part this involves using quality materials and finding a balance between old and modern.

How do you work on the design of your project?

Anaïs and Stanislas : We worked with an architectural firm for the plans and the filing of the building permit, but we had a fairly clear idea from the start of what we wanted to do. For the materials, the two buildings dating from 1890, we prioritize preserving the original elements as much as possible. For example, for the new openings, it was imperative for us to use cut stone to make it look like it was original (even though it was the most expensive option).

It was actually a mason specializing in old buildings who took care of it, and it was one of the rare positions where we called on a craftsman. For the rest, we do everything ourselves!


What is your typical day?

Anaïs : For several months, I have been fortunate to be able to devote myself exclusively to our renovation work as well as to the creation of content on our Instagram and Tiktok accounts ( @novelis_renovation ). Since I work from home, I can't start my day without tidying up the house. Once that's done, I usually take care of content creation in the morning: editing, responding to comments and private messages, discussions with our influencer agency about current partnerships, etc.

The afternoon is then devoted to work to complete the interior layout of the barn, so I am very often with Stan in his workshop.

In the evening, I completely turn off my phone and networks to spend time with family and enjoy being together all 3 of us.

Stanislas : After dropping my daughter off at daycare, I arrive at my cabinetmaker's workshop between 7:30 a.m. and 8 a.m., I work there all day on the various customer projects in progress, which mainly concern the manufacture of furniture on- measurement type library, dressing room, kitchen etc. Generally I take 4 to 5 coffee breaks during the day so I take the opportunity to send all my emails, make phone calls and place my orders for materials at these times.

Around 6 p.m., I leave the premises and if I have a little time at the end of the day I try to devote it to the administrative part, but it is rarely more than twice a week.

So far, what have been the biggest problems encountered?

Anaïs and Stanislas : The biggest problem was meeting the deadlines: we moved in in August 2023, i.e. 6 months after the date we had planned. This was our first renovation so we too often underestimated the time we were going to spend on each step.

During this period, we lived with Stan's parents with a young baby, which was not at all part of the plan!

Which room do you spend the most time in at home?

Anaïs and Stanislas : Without hesitation: the living room! We made the choice to reduce the floor area to have good ceiling height, and it was one of the best decisions we made. It is a very bright room thanks to a high opening, and it is clearly the central room of the house.

How did you find out about Novinea?

Anaïs and Stanislas : We were looking for counter chairs for the central kitchen island, and we fell in love with those from the 366 concept brand. While doing research on the internet, we came across the Novinea site which sells a lot of references from this brand.

What did you like about Novinea?

Anaïs and Stanislas : The selection of products and brands is really very qualitative and there really is something for all styles: we go from refined and timeless pieces to much stronger pieces with character.

In any case, we would have no problem furnishing our entire house with Novinea.

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