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Origo cone - Pendant light


Origo cone - Pendant light
Origo cone - Pendant light Sale price0,00€

Design By: Jonas Héder & Judit Zoltai

Origo cone - Pendant light


Discover the latest luxurious addition to our prestigious collection: the Origo Cone Onyx pendant light, meticulously crafted from the pinnacle of luxury - onyx stone. Captivating the eye with its captivating conical shape, the Origo Cone Onyx pendant light deploys a resplendent presence that transforms every space. Immerse yourself in the soft, inviting glow diffused by its concealed LED light source. The infusion of exquisite onyx enhances the pendant's innate appeal, making it an unrivaled and imposing work of art meant to adorn the most lavish interiors.

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