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Ray - Sikomoro wood and brass dining table

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Ray - Sikomoro wood and brass dining table
Ray - Sikomoro wood and brass dining table Sale price8.593,00€

Ray - Sikomoro wood and brass dining table

Design by: Duistt

The Ray table, with its reinforced silhouette and generous proportions, is a contemporary interpretation of grandeur. It carries with it the promise of an extraordinary dining experience. The clean lines of brushed brass running through the highly polished gray Sikomoro not only define the outline of the table, they play with the light, bringing a lively dimension to its surface.

Look closer and you will see the care given to every detail: the brass integrates almost organically into the wood, a fusion that testifies to the finesse of the craftsmanship. Sikomoro, selected for its complex patterns, evokes the subtle veining of an artist's canvas, making each table unique. The Ray table's solid base, reflecting traditional craftsmanship and modern creativity, balances the rich texture of its top.

In the center, the Sikomoro is encircled by a ring of brass, an oasis of brilliance in the ocean of textures. This central element is not only aesthetic, it guides the eye and focuses the attention, inviting those who sit there to a moment of shared conviviality.

Placed in a well-lit environment, as shown in the images, the Ray table captivates the space. It interacts with its surroundings, reflecting natural light during the day and capturing the glow of the lights in the evening. Every angle offers a new perspective, a new facet of its character, whether it's the softness of its wood or the golden glow of its brass.

The Ray table is therefore more than a piece of furniture. It is an aesthetic center of gravity, a space where conversations are woven with the same finesse as the materials that compose it. In any dining room, it not only serves as a gathering place for meals, but also as an anchor for elegance and design.


Featured in high shine gray curly sikomoro and brushed brass details.

Width: 145 cm | 57.1”
Depth: 145 cm | 57.1”
Height: 77 cm | 30.3”


  • Drink
  • Brass

Ideal for

  • Dining room

Life cycle

  • Nine

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