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In the panorama of luxury lighting design, Luxcambra stands out for its rich heritage and its collaboration with renowned designers. Born in 1966 from Joan and Anna's ambition to create lamps with a contemporary design, the brand has grown through a perfect fusion of passion, creativity and an unwavering commitment to quality. Each Luxcambra lamp tells the story of this quest for excellence, enriched by the visionary spirit of its founders and the unique contribution of talented designers.

Luxcambra's journey, marked by the imprint of Joan, a charismatic and creative personality, and Anna, a figure of organization and rigor, has always been oriented towards innovation. This tradition continues through generations, with Meritxell and Roger bringing their family heritage into the design and manufacturing of each piece.

In this continuous quest for innovation, Luxcambra partners with creative minds such as Xavier Solé, whose training at the Elisava Higher School of Design and the European Institute of Design in Milan is reflected in modern creations that challenge the limits of lighting design. Javier Martínez, with his family background rich in lighting tradition and solid training from the Polytechnic University of Catalonia, brings a touch of modernity while honoring the past.

Jordi Llopis and Mariano Chitarrini, each with their passion for design and architecture, enrich the Luxcambra collection with their unique vision, combining functionality and emotion in each creation. Their work perfectly illustrates Luxcambra's ability to merge art and design, offering pieces that improve the quality of life through light.

Benditas Studio and Bruno de Ávila, with their innovative and minimalist approaches, also contribute to this rich palette of creations, adding their distinctive touches to the brand. Their design, which combines simplicity and geometry, is a vibrant testament to Luxcambra's commitment to lighting that is not only functional but also aesthetically pleasing.

Luxcambra is more than a brand; it is a tradition of excellence in lighting design, a fusion between heritage and innovation, between artisanal know-how and contemporary visions.

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